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Why Canaan Ridge?

The global executive search industry is highly competitive and to become an exceptional search consultant, the bar must be set high.

  • The Canaan Ridge team is comprised of highly experienced and respected industry leaders from around the world who know what it takes to excel. Leveraging our understanding of what makes for a truly exceptional search consultant, we take a personalized approach to identifying your specific developmental needs and creating a targeted solution to sharpen skills and/or behaviors.

  • Our flexible and personalized approach allows us to work with clients around the world—from North America to Europe to Asia to Africa. We accommodate all time zones and leverage such delivery and communications technologies as Go To Meetings, Skype and VoIP to make contact with our international clientele simple and cost-effective.

  • Our developmental model is the only one of its kind tailored specifically to the executive search industry. Our solutions are integrated, flexible and customized—and designed to accelerate your achievement of the highest levels of professional effectiveness, recognition and reward.

  • Leveraging our proprietary diagnostic tool, the Constituent Survey, we assess your individual opportunities for improvement and then address targeted areas, choosing from a comprehensive array of skills- and behavior-based developmental offerings.

  • Canaan Ridge recognizes that search is both science and art and has designed a wide variety of developmental content to follow the evolution of your career. From the fundamentals presented in the Essentials of Executive Search program to the sophisticated positioning and branding explored in our advanced programs, we remain focused on continuous individual improvement.

  • Your relationship with Canaan Ridge endures throughout your career. At every stage of your professional development, we have the solutions that will keep moving you closer to becoming an industry leader.

Today, more than ever, distinguishing yourself from those with whom you compete is critical to gaining the personal brand recognition needed for success. The exceptional search consultant understands how he/she is perceived by his/her key constituencies. We provide the insights into those perceptions, then help give you the skills and knowledge needed to unlock the potential within your search practice.

Bob Benson
Canaan Ridge
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