Constituent Survey

Being an exceptional search consultant is as much about perception as it is performance. Our proprietary Constituent Survey is an innovative and powerful diagnostic tool that effectively reveals the gap between how you see yourself and how you are perceived by key marketplace constituencies—your clients, placements, candidates and colleagues.

Based upon a highly sophisticated model which has defined the traits exhibited by search consultants widely recognized as exceptional, the Constituent Survey measures the perceptions of your skills and behaviors to provide true insight into the areas where you need improvement.

At any stage of your career, the Constituent Survey serves as the touchstone to unlocking your full potential.

“My first experience working with Canaan Ridge and the Constituent Survey has really served as a basis for the work I’ve done since launching my own executive search firm. In terms of a coaching relationship, Bob has guided me consistently and effectively in the key areas of business planning, staffing and recruiting. I implicitly trust Bob’s judgment and business acumen in executive search management and highly recommend Canaan Ridge to other executive search professionals looking to sharpen their skills and take their business to the next level.”

Jim Zaniello
President and Founder
Vetted Solutions
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