• Canaan Ridge offers the first professional development model of its kind tailored specifically for the executive search industry. We understand what it takes to become an exceptional search consultant, and we can guide you on that path.

  • Our highly experienced team of industry leaders has drawn upon decades of recognized success in executive search and executive education to develop a unique and innovative spectrum of targeted professional development solutions designed to help those who aspire to the highest levels of effectiveness and excellence.

  • Canaan Ridge sets you apart from other search professionals from the start. Our offerings begin for search consultants with two years or less of experience in an execution and client interface role and are designed to deliver the knowledge and skills you need to accelerate your career and realize your ambitions.

  • And as you progress in your career, we become a trusted partner in your ongoing development. Our approach to assessing and identifying your specific needs allows us to design a comprehensive, customized solution aimed at helping you realize your maximum potential—which will lead to exceptional professional accomplishment, recognition and reward.
Canaan Ridge has earned a reputation as one of the premier and most respected executive coaching firms in the business. Under the leadership of Bob Benson, and based on his many years of counseling executives in a myriad of industries, Canaan Ridge has the substantive experience, technical knowledge and managerial approach to effectively coach executives to success. The quality of their work is second to none.

Lonnie P. Taylor, JD
Managing Director and Leader - Government, Legal and Public Affairs Practice, Diversified Search
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