Personalized Development Programs
  • Flexibility and customization are hallmarks of the Canaan Ridge model. While we do offer public programs, many of the programs we deliver are personalized to individual needs or are delivered as private label programs targeting particular developmental areas for individuals or groups of individuals within a firm.

  • We have developed comprehensive, in-depth program content to cover all areas of individual development, at all stages of your executive search career. Our core programs comprise the Science of Search, the Art of Search, Prospecting and Selling, as well as Personal Branding, and each of these can be customized to address individual issues identified in the Constituent Survey.

  • Coaching/Mentoring affords the opportunity to work one-on-one with a respected industry leader, often with a focus on needs related to personal style. Program content that addresses skills gaps can also be provided individually.

  • We are accustomed to working with clients in multiple geographies and across numerous time zones and adapt to these variables though the use of sophisticated communications technologies and client-centric scheduling.

“I was coming into search after having been in industry and Bob taught me a disciplined, systematic approach to search in a manner which made the framework and lessons immediately applicable in my daily work. Deploying a customized, action-orientated approach, his methodology focused our lesson time on areas where I needed more concentration. Bob is a positive coach and imaginative problem-solver—my investment was repaid in a matter of weeks and months.”

Casey Kelly
Heidrick Struggles Asia-Pacific
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