An exceptional search consultant exhibits both skill and finesse, equally adept in the science and in the art of search.

Canaan Ridge offers the first developmental model of its kind tailored specifically to the executive search industry and with the objective of accelerating your career. Taking a holistic approach, our comprehensive model integrates a powerful diagnostic tool and in-depth program content designed to build critical skills throughout your career, as well as impactful coaching/mentoring.

  • Individuals with any number of years of experience will benefit from the Constituent Survey, a proprietary and powerful diagnostic tool critical to assessing and providing insight into your personal developmental needs. The Constituent Survey provides a meaningful understanding of your success as perceived by your key marketplace constituencies.

  • Wide-ranging program content has been developed to address all areas of individual development, at any stage of your career, and can be personalized to target areas for improvement identified in the Constituent Survey.
“The Constituent Survey challenged us to ask our clients hard questions about ourselves, but as a result, I have a far stronger relationship with my clients, which has led to more reliance on me as a value-added consultant—and it has had direct, positive impact on revenues. As a coach, Bob Benson was able to motivate me in ways I had never expected. I examine every situation very differently than I did before. He taught us that it’s not just about more and bigger fees and a client list that’s as long as your arm—what he embeds in your DNA is that all that comes as a result of striving to be excellent.”

Derek Wilkinson
Managing Director, Boyden

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