RLBenson & Associates

Our affiliate firm, RLBenson & Associates, provides a broad range of advisory and consulting services to executive search firm leaders and managers worldwide. Led by highly respected and internationally recognized search professionals, RLBenson & Associates brings a wealth of experience, insight and thought leadership in the search industry to bear on crafting impactful actions that translate into increased profitability and growth.

Canaan Ridge and RLBenson & Associates enjoy a synergistic relationship, the Canaan Ridge capability being one of the game-changing solutions RLBenson & Associates can offer to its clients as part of a comprehensive, integrated business improvement and growth agenda.

“Bob's leadership and people skills allow him to excel in mentoring others, formally and informally. He can deliver difficult messages to people in very constructive ways and has helped numerous professionals to improve their performance and become more effective consultants.”

Manolo Marquez
Chairman and CEO
Hudson Highland Group
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